Does your team struggle with effective communication? Many blame communication styles, personality differences, conduits for communicating, data overload, various physical locations, and more. While many of those reveal the friction and ineffectiveness of interactions, they are simply symptoms, not the root cause.

We have found that a weak trust environment is at the heart of consistently poor information exchange. Using our Like An Owner® philosophy,we have identified three unique Trust Environments. One cultivates a spirit of Ownership, one enables a mindset of Renters and one facilitates the behaviors of Vandals. We have assembled a Trust Environment description that lists the characteristics of each. After taking the survey you can see the full description and where you believe your team lives. This survey takes three minutes.

For organizations, this survey can be made anonymous, customized, and given to you to distribute to your entire workforce. VPs and team leads can benefit significantly from understanding which Trust Environments their employees perceive themselves to be working in. Leaders will also be given access to the collective result of each question. Contact us today to put this handy tool in motion.

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