After the Owners and Renters keynote message, we frequently hear “how can we keep this message alive?”. One of our favorite clients said we had to give them more, birthing Owners Refresh. It is six video messages that recap the Five Distinct Differences as well as an introductory message about Trust. The videos are 4-6 minutes long with each segment accompanied by 4-6 questions. The entire process is anonymous for employees while giving leadership a very accurate picture of their cultural health.

Our approach is somewhat different. Once purchased, we create customized co-branded pages using your logo and graphics along with ours, hosted here on our site. We provide your point person access to all six videos, giving you discretion on how and when to utilize them. Some send them out once a month. Some use an echo approach (sending out more closely to when Greg spoke and then spreading them out further over time). Some use them as a tool within their department meetings. We can help you determine the most effective approach. See a sample video, questions and report.

The best thing about our Owners and Renters keynote message is the quickly aligned language everyone gets immediately. It starts a conversation. Owners Refresh keeps that conversation going for up to six months.

Email us​ for pricing and strategy.

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