For more than 17 years, Greg has owned and managed single-family home investment properties. To say he has a few stories about his tenants would be an understatement. He noticed similarities between renters in his home and status quo employees at his office. He formulated our Like An Owner® philosophy from the Gallup Organization’s State of the American Workforce report, which says:

  • 30% of employees are engaged
  • 50% are disengaged
  • 20% are actively disengaged.

In our verbiage, 30% are Owners, 50% are Renters, and 20% are Vandals.

Owners bring their heart, head, and hands to work, which translates into passion, imagination, and skill.
Renters bring only their hands. They fulfill a function.
Vandals bring division. Divisive and manipulative these silent saboteurs wreak havoc.

Convinced that everyone starts out as an Owner their first day on the job, we are obsessed with preventing them from becoming Renters. Unhealthy culture is the primary culprit and cause of this drift. New employees start out with vitality, fresh perspective, and big ideas until dashed hopes, disappointment, and frustration lulls them into inactivity. We are equally jazzed about converting Renters back into Owners, which is possible and necessary if companies want to thrive.

Our Culture Key provides the framework to unlocking a healthy culture that nurtures a spirit of ownership. When employees Think, Act, Lead, and Create Like An Owner®, productivity is significantly increased, profound collaboration emerges, and new levels of energy are unleashed. This belief is infused in every message and service we offer. A spirit of ownership is better than engagement.

Our mission is to challenge and empower leaders, teams, and organizations to reach for greatness.

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