Next to culture, trust has the greatest impact on the forward progress of an organization. As the cornerstone of all relationships, recognizing weak trust is essential for leadership teams. It directly impacts collaboration, good decision making, vendor relations, and, most critically, customer care. There are obvious clues indicating the level of trust amongst individuals. There are also very clear steps to take to grow trust.

Do you know if trust amongst colleagues and teams is frail or hearty?

Weak Trust Indicators

  • Meeting after the meeting
  • Minimal contribution during meetings
  • Won’t ask for help or share struggles
  • Won’t challenge colleagues

Strong Trust Indicators

  • Open and candid dialog
  • Thoughts and opinions transparently expressed
  • Willing to ask for help
  • Willing to hold and be held accountable

We are so committed to you assessing this accurately we created a free Trust Survey. If you’re curious, just click on the link and invest the next three minutes.)

There are a variety of parameters available for growing trust. Greg likes the framework of Competence, Caring, and Commitment. Through these lenses individuals determine to what extent they will trust someone. They also offer the filter to discover the root issue in relationships.

Growing Team Trust is where Greg has spent a large portion of his consulting efforts when cultivating culture. Even individuals who have been on the same team for years realize they have been unwilling to have hard conversations because they don’t trust the outcome or response. Trust is fragile. Growing trust is tricky when it appears the relationship is already healthy.

Through these ventures, numerous best practices have been accumulated:

  • 15 ground rules for confrontation in a team setting
  • Candid vs. Honest
  • One-on-one conversation roadmap for dealing with interpersonal weak trust
  • Practicing vulnerability
  • Practicing growing team trust

This message is particularly impactful for leadership teams. It is a catalyst to launch into very meaningful, ongoing dialogue.

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