Unique within our message portfolio, Thrive originated from our work with association leaders. The relentless challenges leading volunteers or being a volunteer who leads other volunteers, is inherently and sometimes brutally, difficult. Fortunately, Greg has over a decade’s experience working directly with thousands of volunteers.

For 10 years, he was the executive director of a faith-based, nonprofit summer camp that slept 840 students a week for multiple weeks. A 24-hour schedule utilized more than 300 volunteers to serve thousands of campers. The diverse challenges were numerous and consistent. For almost two straight months in the hot Oklahoma summers, volunteers gave generously of their time and abilities.

When it comes to volunteering, there can be a lot of fulfillment and frustration. Sacrificing time and energy for a cause begins with good motivation, but can dissipate into a trap of irritation. Through this message you will discover the Four Magical Elements necessary to attract, lead and utilize volunteers. As a volunteer yourself, you’ll also gain insight into adroitly mastering your assorted roles and responsibilities.

The Four Magical Elements

Meaning in the Mission

Every nonprofit has a mission. Not everyone does a good job of connecting the dots of the volunteer work needed to the end service provided. And even fewer are adept at connecting the volunteers’ values and mission to the work being done. Learning how to discover and utilize that keeps volunteers loyal and serving for years!

Value in the Vision

In this context the vision is how organizations are pursuing fulfilling the mission. It can change annually, according to priorities and opportunities. Articulating the vision in a way that connects hearts to the process is a learned skill. Being aligned with a vision gives the volunteer a sense of security in their efforts. (Many people are hesitant to volunteer because they fear not genuinely benefiting the mission).

Resource in the Relationship

People get involved in volunteer scenarios to connect with other like-minded people. Facilitating connections and making introductions is one of the greatest investments we can make in those who serve with us. Being proactive with this activity elicits devotion and opens doors. We see many association volunteer leaders whose structure is an ad hoc mastermind group, but they don’t benefit from it. So much shared knowledge is missed because no one takes initiative.

Story in the Service

What is the ROI? In volunteering this is more important than in business because it’s entirely emotional. When others have served previously how have their lives been impacted? Often volunteer leaders are savvy with stories about the benefactors whose lives are enriched because of the effort. Crafting equally irresistible stories about other volunteers is smart. Having volunteers share with one another, even smarter. Gathering story after story creates a volunteer heritage that is priceless.

The Magical Elements combat the Four Puny Excuses of Volunteer Candidates

  • Don’t have time
  • Don’t think they have much to offer
  • Don’t want to be responsible
  • Don’t know anyone

Many amazing people sacrifice significantly to volunteer and lead volunteers. Creating an environment where they can thrive and empower others is the least a nonprofit organization could do as appreciation. Many just don’t know how. We want to help!

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