Travel the journey from hamper to spin cycle to folded and put away. Magnifying emotional intelligence, diversity and servant leadership, this message unpacks our capacity as aspiring world changers to define, delegate and determine outcomes effectively. Consistently achieving joy, peace of mind, and excellence is possible even with mismatched socks.

From the title you can gather where this wisdom of the ages was gleaned. As the laundry person at home, Greg realized his emotional fortitude was challenged every time his wife or kids left their clothes inside out or used a new towel everyday. Or worse, just threw their clothes on the floor when a hamper was available. If you work with humans or do laundry (or both), this message offers keen insight wrapped in common experiences.

People frustrate us. Some annoy more persistently than others. Some are such an irritant we’d be fine to never cross their paths again. That’s not really an option at work. Neither is you changing them. Others before you have tried. What’s happening when you become extremely frustrated?

Everyone thinks their way is the best, smartest and right! We call this condition the Center Point of Right. Most are afflicted. Signs you are a carrier: a continual sense of bewilderment why people don’t do what you say and frequently find yourself muttering “if they had only listened to me…”. Darker signs are that you start making judgments about others because they act, think, and decide differently than you. We want to free you from this limiting, frustrating thinking.

Stephen Covey popularized the idea that between stimulus and response was a “space to choose.” Greg takes that idea one step further with his Choose to Choose perspective.

The Super Spin Cycle of Choices!

  • We can choose to Focus.
  • We can choose to Interpret.
  • We can choose to Respond.

When utilized independently and then progressively, individuals can leverage uncontrollable external factors into available helpful resources.

Forget valuing diversity, Greg wants to help you leverage the distinct attributes from the medley
of unique players on your team!

Being hung out to dry is painful.

Feeling humiliated in your professional setting is a blow. However, the primary detergent to
catapult leaders is death to their ego. Discovering ways to embrace humility is contrary to our natural
tendencies, yet it, more than anything, gives leaders a fragrance that attracts other

The opportunity for growth doesn’t lie in the emotional or the logical, but in the imagination.
Leveraging that reality distinguishes leaders

Load up your baskets and bring your leaders, this message will refresh everyone’s perspective
on leading people.

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