Confidence is not an aura. It’s not found in attire, swagger, or volume. There is a very real recipe for being a confident individual. Insecurity is the plague of the human soul. Where it resides, you will not achieve your potential. Intentionally mixing three key ingredients together produces a delicious masterpiece of life and work. The more confident employees you have the greater opportunity for progress and success you possess as a team and organization. It’s an essential attribute fueling a spirit of ownership.



The first ingredient. Displayed via the Trust TREES model, it reveals where people gain their sense of trust.
T – Talent
R – Relationships
E – Education
E – Experiences
S – Spirit


The second ingredient. We all have voices in our head. Some more than others. What you hear about yourself and how you respond to it informs your level of humility. Greg refers to it as the Force de Karaoke. Have you been to a karaoke bar where a sober person embarrassed themselves and made you cringe? They were platforming-their-suckage, which is revelatory action in light of humility.

This ingredient is what makes confident individuals magnetic. People are drawn to confidence. Amazingly, when you are around them you gain confidence. This is the main differences between confidence and arrogance. Arrogant people are repulsive and when you are around them, you feel smaller.


The third ingredient. At its core, belief is about how you see, what you see. Your take on the present and the future feeds confidence. Your definition of the overwhelming matters. What draws your attention and focus can fuel confidence. Believing isn’t seeing, it’s how you are seeing what you are seeing that contributes to your confidence.

Insecurity is a dastardly beast! Every human wrestles with it because, usually, it’s rooted in truth. It finds a weakness and magnifies it. Then it sells the story that we are only as valuable as that weakness. It’s mantra is “You are not enough!” in any area of life, work, relationships, skills or talent.

Because people can be confident in certain aspects of life and insecure in others, it makes it even harder to extract. But it is possible! We assert that confidence is the tool to extract insecurity and remains behind once it’s done its job.

Business Advantages:

  • Increases effective communication
  • Accelerates good decision making
  • Creates a resonating culture
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