A disheartening reality is that many work relationships are flimsy and transactional. Though we spend an enormous amount of time with one another, we don’t cultivate strong connections. These weak relations create large amounts of drama, low levels of trust, poor communication and encourage vandals to thrive. With his tent, fireplace, and s’mores in hand, Greg trudges the trails to unearth a specific strategy to help you build durable, professional relationships.

The message explores the pathways of contrasting ideas between weak and strong relationships. Nestled in the middle is the beautiful analogy of how the serenity of a campout can be discovered in a work environment.

The Tent is a place of shelter. When camping out, you don’t spend all your time there. As a matter of fact, you spend very little time there except for rain or sleep. Consider who acts as a safe place at your work? Everyone needs someone who can provide shelter when it starts storming unexpectedly.

The Fire Pit acts as a gathering mechanism that draws friends and strangers together. Stories are shared around the fire, guards are dropped, and deeper relationships are cultivated. Being mindful about how teams and departments are intentionally gathering people is vital to the health of an organization’s culture.

S’mores are a tradition, and traditions are the through line of heritage that connects us to the past and the future. Without traditions, employees lack an emotional connection to their work and each other. With tradition, you instill a bond that unites through difficulty.

It’s ridiculous how few organizations intentionally utilize traditions as a culture builder. Besides the annual Christmas party, most are missing weekly and monthly opportunities. Of course individuals who build traditions in their days and week are more satisfied and productive at work.


Using STRONG as an acronym, Greg walks employees through a practical process enabling them to foster consequential relationships.

Concluding with three vital relational principles:

  1. Go First
  2. Consider Them
  3. Set Boundaries

If you’ve got drama, difficult interactions, frail relationships, then take your organization on a campout with Greg!

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