Keynotes start a conversation.

Using Hawks Agency for quarterly trainings gives opportunity for thinking to be altered
drastically. Inviting us to partner with you in a consulting relationship enables organizational

We find an enormous amount of pleasure in partnering with organizations who want to exert intentional effort crafting or redefining their culture. Dr. Erin Greilick brilliantly diagnoses through analysis and interviews the current state of your organization’s health. Utilizing our Like An Owner® Culture Key, Greg and Dr. Greilick unlock the potential of leaders and employees at every level.

Depending on your organization’s needs, we can contribute quarterly or enlist in a more intensive consulting plan. Be aware that our approach is intimate, yet direct, transformative, and even collaborative.

Each consulting client is an entirely unique project.

If your core values need freshening up that’s a different process than if they need discovered
and determined.

If you have high turnover because your hiring process doesn’t align with your culture, that’s
different than having arrogant or incompetent management that chases high performers away.

If you have internal strife because of leadership silos, that’s different than having vandals acting
decisively to sabotage vision. We can help with all of that and more.

Dr. Greilick also specializes in leading change management and offering executive development
through coaching and advisement.

Contact us​ today to discover if we’re a fit for you and available.

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