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We are on a mission to challenge and empower leaders, teams and organizations to reach for greatness. For us, greatness is a sacred pronoun that represents the best version of you, sustained.

Greg is an engaging speaker that gave our team a whole new perspective on overcoming obstacles. He can call out your weaknesses in a way that motivates you to face everyday work challenges with a new attitude. Our staff is asking when we can have another session with Greg!


As a Corporate Culture Specialist, Greg brings an expansive leadership portfolio to your service. For two decades he has mentored leaders, developed teams, crafted culture, and empowered employees. His approachable personality and vibrant demeanor are useful attributes for attacking mediocrity. He is not a motivator, he is an instigator. His playful attitude cloaks a directness that pinpoints root issues.

As a keynote speaker, he is an enthusiastic character. His style, wit, and energy consistently capture the attention and imagination of audiences. His forward-thinking contributes fresh perspectives that work. He’s annoyingly optimistic, contagiously energetic, and slightly mischievous. People tend to like him.

Through Hawks Agency, he has originated the Like An Owner® platform. Compelled by the belief that individuals who Think, Act, Lead, and Create Like An Owner® will be more fulfilled and productive. Also, organizations who commit to implement an Ownership Culture will find loyalty and rapid growth, regularly.


Erin brings the yin to Greg’s yang. She’s methodical, analytical, and patient. She earned her Ph.D. in organizational behavior from Claremont Graduate University, affiliated with the nationally renowned Drucker School of Management. She’s smart, personable, and excellent.


Nicole masterfully weaves together all the moving parts into one finely tuned process. She finds joy in the details and loves to serve. As you work with Hawks Agency, you’ll appreciate her promptness and clarity. She can solve all your problems.


On a mission to make the world a better place, Jordan is a continual learner and fierce communicator. She embraces new people as old friends and provides engaging interaction. She will work diligently to find a way for Hawks Agency to create incredible value for you!



Intrinsic within every message and service we provide is our Like An Owner® philosophy. Our mission to challenge and empower leaders, teams and organizations to reach for greatness is fulfilled when individuals think, act, lead and create Like An Owner®. It also provides the blueprint for cultivating a healthy culture.

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